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I wanted to put together a gift for an uncle, his own website with his own personal e-mail address at his domain name. My uncle is a diligent worker, not only good at his craft, but also takes upgrade certification courses to further refine his skill. He is an established, successful entrepreneur and uses a Yahoo! email account to communicate with his clients. I felt it was time to give him a bit of professional polish for a reputation that he works so hard to maintain. When I told my uncle about his new domain name and email address, he was surprised and bewildered. He said he already has more than enough business and does not need any more. Why bother even with a custom email? From my uncle’s perspective, he was also worried about the cost and technical involvement with setting up his email address on his mobile device and accessing it regularly.

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Google brought internet users a lot of good things such as their search engine, Gmail and Google- analytics, among a myriad of other things. As wonderful as these things are, Google did not come up with them out of a sense of altruism, rather they are all a means to help Google do what it does best, serve advertising.

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