Accept online bookings with econoNet

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Even during off-hours, it’s on!

EconoNet keeps businesses and organizations ready for client engagement, 24-7. With the new EconoNet bookings feature, off-hours does not mean you still can’t do business. Here is how EconoNet Bookings works: your client visits your website and books an appointment, anytime. Once booked, confirmations are sent to both sides as a record of booking. In turn, this updates your EconoNet app which manages your site through your mobile device or desktop. Your booked client can follow-up on the appointment or make changes from the confirmation link, it’s all up to you. You can optionally set reminders for both parties to make sure an appointment is never missed. You can also review and manage all aspects of booking, including larger teams, via the EconoNet mobile app. EconoNet Bookings is just the start, a whole world of engagement opens.

Customized to fit business needs

The kind of appointments your client books, depends on the business or how your organization is run. The appointments can also go into detail on the way your business/organization is set up. For instance, if you are a beautician, aesthetician, or hair dresser, your clients can not only book appointments, but now EconoNet Bookings can also get detailed as to what the appointment is for, such as getting nails done, hair style or colouring, facial treatments and so on. Let your customers pick from your staff pool who she wants an appointment with. When your businesses uses EconoNet bookings, it only takes minutes to easily set up, but brings continuous business.

The more details your users give, the better it works

The more information and details you give to EconoNet Bookings, the better it serves both you and your clients. There are fields and forms that clients fill out to give what you need to know to make them feel better about doing business with you, generating goodwill and cultivating loyalty. Your client wants to make a change or reschedule the appointment? No problem! The website or mobile app updates to the needs of your clients, so your business moves with your clients. Each detail they fill out, makes your client feel better and more secure about their appointment with the assurance that they will get exactly what they want. This helps your business, so you can prepare for the appointment in advance. EconoNet bookings is flexible and satisfies any customer needs such as group bookings for athletics classes, tours, and language or tutoring classes. The more details you provide on the Bookings feature, the better, and we at EconoNet arrange it all. Tell us and we will make the necessary adjustments.

From EconoNet Booking to Contact List

If you are an independent contractor or craftsperson or mechanic, your clients can book you in advance and you can update your availability so that you are never double booked. Customer information entered into the booking form is securely stored and ready for edits and updates, at your command. Through this, you can offer membership plans to clients who make appointments and sync that into the booking process. With our live updates, clients can see booking availability, in real time, so any time is business time! Opportunity only grows with EconoNet Bookings.

Who benefits from ‘Bookings? Everyone!

If your business or organization requires that you meet people, communicate with, or exchange goods and service for money, collect donations and/or volunteers, you can benefit from EconoNet Bookings. If you run a cleaning service, mechanics garage/repair facility your services need to be booked. If you run a restaurant or hotel that requires reservation, a catering or pastry business, clients will need to reserve in advance so that you always meet and never exceed capacity. Bookings means good planning and good planning is good business.

If your run an inventory-based business, your clients can pre-order, order or reserve items needed as long as you provide the information and update. This is also a great way to track your inventory and orders, through the app. If you sell bicycles, clothing, specialty equipment or collectors’ items, keep track of sales and inventory through the bookings feature. EconoNet Bookings will accommodate because we customize to the users’ needs. It’s more than just bookings!

EconoNet Bookings syncs with scheduling apps

When clients do book, they submit contact details which also makes EconoNet Bookings a valuable directory. You can use the emails, phone numbers, membership or loyalty plans and other details that clients provide for further appointments, reminders, newsletters, upcoming deals and more! Since over half of people on-line, do so from their mobile device—this leads to another feature of EconoNet bookings: scheduling app integration. When your clients book through EconoNet bookings, her/his scheduling app on their mobile device is also updated, whether it is Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, or Fantastical2, EconoNet integrates and syncs for maximum efficiency. EconoNet bookings can also be synced with either your or the clients’ calendar application such as OneNote, Evernote, Google Calendar, etc.. Sometimes “life happens” and rescheduling is easy using the EconoNet app. Simply select another time slot and notify the customer for confirmation and your calendar is automatically updated. There is no longer need to update multiple calendars or taking appointments by hand, grab your opportunities with EconoNet Bookings.

How fancy do you want to get?

EconoNet offers advanced features such as integration with QuickBooks, OpenTable, Uber and other third party APIs to make sure your business is fully integrated with the latest services your clients use. We help give clients only good reasons to work with you.

Pinging Reminders

EconoNet bookings also sends email reminders which can be set to preference, such as 72, 48, and 24 hours which can be adjusted to be less or more frequent. If a client wants to reschedule, they can do so from the confirmation email links with the ease of a breeze. You, the site owner can also send reminders to employees also to ensure everyone is prepared for upcoming meetings and appointments. EconoNet Bookings gets you organized for success!

Get paid, faster!

Missed appointments costs time and money, now you can ensure bookings come with a deposit. When clients are serious about business, they pay. Forget about no-shows or people on the fence. Clients can now pay to play. EconoNet facilitates with all on-line payment platforms; such as credit, paypal, bank transfers, e-transfers, and more. For some businesses, deposits for appointments are required because time is valuable and if you want to stay in business, you need to make sure you make business. Add to that, all payments collected via EconoNet are commission-free. Once a transaction is done, customized invoices are sent out immediately. We’re here so you and your business can reap the rewards. Now has never been easier to generate business after or off-hours through EconoNet bookings.

Our app fits you, taylor-made!

EconoNet bookings adjusts to your business and/or organization, whether your business deals with inventory, services—or an organization that coordinates volunteers and newsletters. At its core, it is a directory of client relationships with a streamlined ease of use to help the user benefit from ongoing changes to the digital landscape.

For clients to whom time is a premium, EconoNet bookings brings a layer of engagement, you have a website with an app that lets you login, adjust content, chat with clients and now there is the econoNet bookings app which brings your to the forefront, ready to do business.

Even when it’s off-hours, it’s ON! With EconoNet bookings!