Reach and Retain with EconoNet

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Websites are an important part of branding, but just having one is not enough.

Websites need a way to not only draw visitors, but also have them come back for repeat business. Some key elements we cultivate at EconoNet is to boost the potential for clients to find you, which we call ‘discoverability’, and to make visitors come back, which we call ‘retention’.

To increase likelihood of your audience finding you when they enter key word searches related to your site activity and what you do, we invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Part of this means paying Google to bump you up in search rankings and the other part involves tweaking your site in such a way as to naturally move it up in search results.

Now that your audience has found you, how do you get them to return? Once our clients sign on with EconoNet, you will see that this chart shows visitors’ rapid engagement levels. Notice the steep climb? A combination of client magic and EconoNet technical prowess makes this happen. By client magic, we mean EconoNet users who constantly update their websites with new and relevant information, whether it is updating inventory on an e-commerce site, frequent blog posts, or regular news feeds on products and services offered. If your site is static, without change, then generally one visit is often enough. So update and update frequently. After all, our clients are what makes these sites worth visiting in the first place.

Here at EconoNet we leverage our technical skills to make visitors’ experience as pleasant as possible and we do this in many ways. We start with premium responsive (mobile ready) designs so that first impressions are strong and instill confidence. Next, we tweak our page load times so whether you are accessing on a mobile device, like a phone or a tablet, or at home on a lap or desktop, it displays fast. Following that are ‘call-to-action’ tools visitors engage with such as signing on on to an e-mail list, live and direct chat widgets where site visitors connect to site runners via our custom designed mobile apps. Now, if you have an e-commerce site, financial transactions are everything and EconoNet facilitates this at each step by giving visitors more pay options; whether it is app-based Android pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, Interac, or web-based transactions. EconoNet facilitates with the latest and most secure in on- line mobile tools.

Of course, metrics are needed to measure frequency of clients visits, which pages s/he navigates to and for how long. This is how we build and cultivate growth, by studying what does and does not work on your site and EconoNet provides these very metrics tools to help your site succeed.

Econonet cannot exist without you, the client, which is why we work harder than our competitors to bring you premium web and mobile user experiences from our clients to yours.