Which EconoNet Site Fits Your Project Best?

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Econonet is your one-stop shop to get you a premium-styled, fully responsive website, lickity-split! This native mobile app starts with registering your domain complete with custom email of said domain. Then you pick from three tiers of service depending on your needs, Essentials, E-Store, and Distinct.

Let’s start with Essentials, which is really something every website should have, such as a custom domain name and attendant email address. Next, we give you three premium designed pages, because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression with your site visitors. Generally, any kind of website has an exchange of information be it subscribing to an email list, forum comments, e- commerce transactions, chatting and so on. These visitors have a right for their personal and financial details to remain private and secure, which is why we include a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

Now, were you aware that at least 50% (and growing!) of all your site visitors do so from a mobile device? Your site had better be mobile ready then, which is why all Econonet sites are fully ‘responsive’ which is exactly what it means! Of course, there is no point in having a website if clients or organization members can’t find you. That is why we include a nifty Search Engine Optimation (SEO) stimulus package to move your domain up in search rankings.

Sometimes things go wrong, so we provide comprehensive support to walk you through technical issues. Finally, we offer you either the opportunity to sell two items (complete with website payment connections) or a contact widget where site visitors can reach you directly.

If you are a seller with inventory, we offer you the E-Store package, which has everything Essentials has plus a full on-line e-commerce package and the capapcity to sell up to 100 items. If your site needs something more, like several pages, third party integration like social media feeds or a blog or even something beyond that, we offer you our ‘distinct’ package which offers tailor-made solutions to fit your needs over and above Essentials.

So why is Econonet an app? Great question! Chances are pretty strong that you have a mobile device and check it regularly The Econonet app helps you manage your on-line presence, including your e-commerce sites, and helps you keep track of inventory and visitor engagement. Did you know that our contact widget can also connect visitors to your mobile device from our Econonet App? Our seamless mobile app helps you manage your site, your business/organization while on the go, from anywhere in a stable, secure way. Welcome to the 21st century!