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[Submitted from by an EconoNet Web Specialist]

I wanted to put together a gift for an uncle, his own website with his own personal e-mail address at his domain name. My uncle is a diligent worker, not only good at his craft, but also takes upgrade certification courses to further refine his skill. He is an established, successful entrepreneur and uses a Yahoo! email account to communicate with his clients. I felt it was time to give him a bit of professional polish for a reputation that he works so hard to maintain. When I told my uncle about his new domain name and email address, he was surprised and bewildered. He said he already has more than enough business and does not need any more. Why bother even with a custom email? From my uncle’s perspective, he was also worried about the cost and technical involvement with setting up his email address on his mobile device and accessing it regularly.

Why indeed. But my uncle is not alone. We all know several people, from architects to compositors who work on feature films for Hollywood who even have their own domain names, but still use Gmail, ‘.me’ accounts from Apple, Yahoo! and Hotmail email addresses among others. It was puzzling to me why they did not bother with getting their own e-mail addresses at their domain name because getting one makes so much sense.

First, there is the luxury of choice that you do not have with your mainstream free accounts. For instance, you can get any email address you want at your own domain. The same cannot be said of your Yahoo!’s and Gmails. How many addresses have we seen that has a person’s name and also a number at the end of it?

Second, your own email address at your domain is practical, organized and scales to growth. Say your are a business or organization, there are at least three kinds of communications you engage in; marketing, client relations, and accounting. Rather than have all these kinds of emails sent to a single Gmail account, you can create an accounts@, marketing@, customerservice@ so this keeps you organized and you can filter and respond to messages more efficiently and effectively. There are many instances we witnessed where a one-man (or woman operation) starts off with one person behind a domain name, but from there grew into a fully staffed force that adopted those email addresses at custom domain.

Your own e-mail address at your domain shows that you are not only reputable, because you took the time and trouble to register your domain, but also poised for growth and the next step of your career.

Third, your own email address at your domain is easier for clients to retain in memory. Despite the sophistication of our technological age, people lose devices and data all the time. In this case, a custom email is much easier to remember when a client tries to track lost data or people. Some professionals have domains that are just their first and last name, what easier way to track that person down?

Fourth is the idea of perception, how others view those with their own custom email. Either this person is technically proficient or has the resources to get others to organize this for them. It shows that you care, you took that extra step and are now ready for the next level of your career.

I told my uncle not to worry about cost or setting up his email as that would be taken care of with the easy interface that EconoNet provides to link email to mobile devices, plus technical support on stand-by in case of a snag. Plus EconoNet’s prices are highly cost effective. My uncle completed another round of certification that was not cheap and is now a higher level professional. It was time he got his domain name and email address to mark this passage.