econoNet Features

Publish Original Content

Focus on content.

Diverse Templates

EconoNet provides access to a diverse set of blog templates suited to a wide range of tastes and audiences but optimized for a pleasant browsing experience on any screen size .

Centralized Publication

Host all of your blog's content (audio, video, written etc.) centrally on your own web platform, then publish and broadcast on social networks by linking directly to your own publication.

Simple Management

EconoNet offers one of the simplest approachest to content management for publishers. Our process enables you to focus on the actual meat of the content and leave the technicals to us.

Mailbox & Domain

Make your brand easy to find with a professional and personal web domain e.g. Also get a personalized e-mail inbox to leave a professional impression when communicating with clients and peers.

Publish Anywhere

The EconoNet mobile apps lets you manage your entire blog from our app and empowers you to publish from wherever, whenever.

High-Res Media

Captivate your visitors with rich photography, video and audio to communicate your message to your audience more effectively.

Modern Digital Publications


Strategically leverage your website to distribute your paid and free content. Your website is the one platform you retain total control over, so run it the way that makes the most sense to you.

Cloud File Sources

DropBox, Google Drive and iCloud are just a few of the many platforms EconoNet integrates with for you to retrieve the content you want positioned on your website.

Digital Ads.

Deploy promotional content in the form of audio, photo and video to be leveraged as digital advertisements on promoted social networks or paid search campaigns.

Video Backgrounds

Make effective use of pleasant and informative loops to inspire your visitor's attention and communicate your message visually.

Leverage Network Effects

Smart Links

EconoNet makes it easy for you to embed relevant rich media and text content in your blog posts as well as to link to previous entries in a natural way. Also supported is smart categorization and tagging of posts.

Discussion Boards

Quickly deploy a discussion board themed around your professional content. Then watch as your site visitors begin to sign up and engage with other like-minded enthusiasts.


By linking directly to paid content in your marketing campaigns, you provide a simple and direct method of accessing your paid content or fueling your conversion funnels.

Social Sharing

Allow visitors to share your samples and free content with their own networks. Your website has your original content, so your audience will want to share on Instagram, Soundcloud, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Connect Graphs

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat or Instagram, all of your social graphs are relevant. Make your website the intersection of them all as it's the one platform you retain full control over.

Social Broadcasting

Your website is the core of your professional digital network. Plug in your social media accounts to your website to broadcast your marketing campaigns to the broadest audiences.

Measure For Growth

Healthy Websites

The health of your website is our North Star. We provide full transparency into the performance of your website so that you can take necessary action to improve your results.

Key Metrics

Measure your reach, retention, impressions and growth so you can make informed decisions about how best to grow your business.