econoNet Features

Designed for the mobile era.

Start executing on your website today!

Comprehensive Management

Handle every aspect of website's success right from the EconoNet app.

Publish Anywhere, Anytime

Don't be chained to a desk. A few sipes and taps in the econoNet app is all you need to manage everything.

Talk To Customers

Our communication add-ons enable customers to get in contact with you and request your goods and services. All requests are immediately routed to our mobile app for you to action.

Analyze & Measure

Take action on critical analytics driving your web goals. EconoNet measures all vital web metrics and makes them conveniently available from our mobile app.

Mobile Ready

Let's face it, mobile is where the action's at. So we make sure your website looks stunning and is ultra-reliable on mobile phones and tablets and we make this easy to manage from our app!

Mobile Support

The EconNet app is the easiest way to get the support you need to start accomplishing your web goals!

Publish & Create

Optimized For Mobile

Our app leverages the expressiveness of the mobile platform for you to construct your website using our app. No technical know-how needed.

Deploy Assets & Content

EconoNet is conveniently available on mobile as well as desktop so you can easily deploy all your digital assets (video, audio, photo etc.) to your website.

Perpetual Refinement

Web success isn't about all-for-one, it's about constantly fine-tuning and refining every day. Our mobile-first interface encourages continual growth.

Never Wait To Action

Inspiration can hit anytime. Whether it's a video of you demonstrating a job well-done, or a special offer that you can't wait to promote- EconoNet empowers you to take action immediately.

Draft Pages

Our app makes it simple for you to keep certain pages unpublished while you work on getting them just right or until they become more relevant to your audience. Then with a few taps they can be brought back to life.

Designed For Growth

A healthy website continually offers its visitors value with each visit. To facilitate that kind of healthy growth, our app encourages you to contribute new and impactful content to your site.

Reach & Communicate

Contact Requests

Whenever a customer contacts you via your website all of their messages are conveniently delivered to you via e-mail or in our mobile-app.

Live Chat

Our live-chat add-on connects your site visitors with a member of your team for a real-time conversation.

Book Appointments

Make it easy for your clients to start doing business with you by enabling our easy and convenient web booking add-on. Then watch as the appointments start rolling in.

Represent Your Brand

All EconoNet plans include professional business e-mail that's manageable right from within the EconoNet app.

Measure For Growth

Healthy Websites

The health of your website is our North Star. We provide full transparency into the performance of your website so that you can take necessary action to improve your results.

Key Metrics

Measure your reach, retention, impressions and growth so you can make informed decisions about how best to grow your business.