econoNet Features

Rich Multimedia Speaks Volumes

Captivate Your Audience

Video Showcases

The increasing percentage of digital media consumed on the internet is video, so EconoNet enables you to showcase your richest video for optimal playback.

Motion Backgrounds

EconoNet templates come with full support for video backgrounds and animated banners to leave a lasting impression on your site goers.

Stock Photography

Together with our design specialists, hone in on visually stunning stock photography for you to represent your band and products.

Hi-Fidelity Audio

No form of digital content is foreign to EconoNet and audio is no exception. Easily host and distribute organized audio libraries, playlists and your original audio content.

Custom Digitizations

EconoNet knows that the digital screen is the ultimate canvas. So if you're looking to accomplish a custom digital presentation using state of the art web presentation, simply reach out to us to discuss options.

High-Res Galleries

A picture is worth a thousand words, so don't settle for less. Distribute your high resolution photographic media using one of our many intuitive gallery add-ons.

Your Media. Your Assets.


Strategically leverage your website to distribute your paid and free content. Your website is the one platform you have total control over, so run it the way you want to.

Cloud Media Sources

Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube are just a few of the many platforms EconoNet integrates with for you to retrieve the content you want made available on your website.

Digital Advertisements

Deploy clips of your multimedia content as short loops to be leveraged as digital advertisements on promoted social network campaigns or paid search.

Discussion Boards

Quickly deploy a discussion board themed around your specific niche or multimedia content. Then watch as your site visitors start to register and engage with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Leverage Network Effects

Book Appointments

Now that you can showcase your rich multimedia content on EconoNet, allow others to book your professional services.

Generate Leads

What good is creative work without an ever-growing audience? Propagate your best work through your distributon channels and link back to your website's conversion funnels.

Centralize Assets

Link all of your Social accounts to your EconoNet website so that you can share your multimedia to those marketing channels and have them link back to your conversion funnels.

Social Sharing

Allow your viewers to share your rich multimedia content within their own networks. Your website has your original content, so your audience will want to share.

A / B Test

EconoNet provides A / B testing capabilities to empower informed social marketing decisions and conduct impactful campaigns.

Social Broadcasting

Your website is the core of your brand's digital network. Plug in your social media accounts to your website to broadcast your marketing campaigns to the broadest audiences.

Measure For Growth

Healthy Websites

The health of your website is our North Star. We provide full transparency into the performance of your website so that you can take necessary action to improve your results.

Key Metrics

Measure your reach, retention, impressions and growth so you can make informed decisions about how best to grow your business.