Meet EconoNet App

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EconoNet is pleased to announce the availability of our app on Google Play and the App Store.

With a swipe and a couple of taps, you can install Econonet on your mobile device, register a domain and manage your business or organization from the palm of your hand. Sign-up with one of our three- tier service levels; ‘Essentials’ for simple, direct info on your business, if that is all you and your organization needs. We have ‘E- Store’, if your business is all about inventory or ‘Distinct’ if you need something more like social media integration. All three tiers of our service make your site ‘mobile ready’, meaning optimized for phone, tablet and desk/laptop. Visit our site or app to get more details on tools to both run your business and reach clients, all included in our packages. Control your business/organization, even on the go, by delegating tasks, updating information, checking and updating inventory or directly respond to customers from our ‘live-chat’ feature. You no longer need to be confined to your office to manage your business, now you can do it all from the Econonet mobile app. If, at any point, you require assistance from any of our levels of service, create a support ticket and our staff will get to you, lickity-split. Now, it is easier than ever to thrive from the office and on the go with the Econonet mobile app.