econoNet Features

Premium Shopping Experiences

Your store. Online.

Dynamic Inventory

Import your entire product line to your EconoNet e-store. Then, manage it entirely from the EconoNet app. Upload photos, update inventory, modify descriptions and much more.

Easy Payments

Offer your customers flexible payment options. EconoNet supports integration with several payments providers including Stripe, PayPal, Square and many more.

Merchant Tools

EconoNet provides all the tools you need to service a scalable online store. Automated invoicing, discount codes, and abandoned shopping cart recovery are some of the many tools available.

Analyze & Measure

Take action on critical analytics driving your web goals. EconoNet measures all vital web metrics and makes them conveniently available from our mobile app.

Mobile Ready

Let's face it, mobile is where the action's at. So we make sure your website looks stunning and is ultra-reliable on mobile phones and tablets and we make this easy to manage from our app!

Stunning Design

Use high resolution photo and video to present the very best side of your products to customers.

Everything a store needs.

Flexible Payment

EconoNet makes it simple to accept payments online and effortless for your customers. We support all major payment providers and all the most convenient methods of payment inlcuding Apple Pay.

Tangible & Non-Tangible

It's easy to sell physical and digital goods with EconoNet and your clients get a consistent and pleasant shopping experience with each transaction.


With EconoNet's E-Stores, granting customers subscription-based access to your goods, services or content has never been easier.

Paperless Invoicing

Your customers receive customized and clean invoices promptly upon purchasing or being billed. Invoices can be configured to be delivered in a variety of ways.

Triggered E-Mails

Your customers receive e-mails when taking certain actions like signing up, requesting support or refilling an order.

Impactful Design

All of our E-Stores provide a design that is custom suited to the nature of the industries that they serve. Further, all of our designs are optimized to call their viewers to action.

Modern Digital Marketing

Social Broadcasting

Social media are part of the marketing channels available to your business. Position your content at your website's core and broadcast via your social media accounts.

Social Buttons

Enter your social media handles to connect your social networking accounts to your website.

Share Social

Allow your viewers to share within their own networks. Your website has your original content, so your audience will want to share.

Landing Pages

Need to capitalize on a trending market? Looking to funnel traffic to a specific area of your e-store? Landing pages can be easily deployed to accomplish exactly that.

A / B Testing

EconoNet provides A / B testing capabilities to empower informed social marketing decisions and conduct impactful campaigns.

Reach & Communicate

Contact Requests

Whenever a customer contacts you via your website all of their messages are conveniently delivered to you via e-mail or in our mobile-app.

Live Chat

Our live-chat add-on connects your site visitors with a member of your team for a real-time conversation.

Book Appointments

Make it easy for your clients to start doing business with you by enabling our easy and convenient web booking add-on. Then watch as the appointments start rolling in.

Represent Your Brand

All EconoNet plans include professional business e-mail that's manageable right from within the EconoNet app.

Measure For Growth

Healthy Websites

The health of your website is our North Star. We provide full transparency into the performance of your website so that you can take necessary action to improve your results.

Key Metrics

Measure your reach, retention, impressions and growth so you can make informed decisions about how best to grow your business.